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13 infallible tricks to clean leather

13 infallible tricks to clean leather

How to clean leather: our 13 tricks

Having cared furniture and utensils lengthens its perfect state of use. That is why today we offer our best tricks to clean leather. A great way to keep it looking new and stylish for years to come.

Tips for cleaning leather 

Let's know a series of previous tips of great interest before going directly into the tricks for cleaning leather:

  • We must remember the importance of keeping leather pieces out of direct sunlight to avoid excessive deterioration.
  • Regular cleaning is the best idea so that the piece is in perfect condition.
  • Before trying any of these tricks, or prior to cleaning, you must thoroughly remove surface dust with a microfiber cloth, or with a damp cloth with a few drops of liquid soap.
  • Also remember that the leather should never be rinsed, since direct contact with water damages the piece.

13 homemade tricks to clean leather

Let's see a series of excellent tricks to clean the leather and make it look perfect. With these ideas that we contribute here, anyone can obtain an excellent result, since products are used that we can all have at home or easily acquire.


This trick is perfect for cleaning white or light-colored leather and making it shiny. To do this, rub Vaseline evenly over the surface and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then, wipe with a dry cloth with a gentle rub until the natural shine of the material is achieved.

Use skim milk

Another peculiar trick to polish leather requires skim milk. For this home use to be effective, moisten a little of the product in a thin washcloth and wipe it over the surface with a gentle movement. Then, with an equally soft cloth, rub again until the material looks perfect.

Vinegar and linseed oil

Vinegar is an excellent ally for house cleaning. In this case, we will use this liquid in a mixture of equal parts with linseed oil. Again you will have to moisten the soft cloth and give a pass rubbing the surface.

In this case, remember that white vinegar is better for cleaning light leather, while cider vinegar is perfect for brightening dark leather.

Neutral soap

This trick is great for cleaning stains on leather. In this case, if something like oil, chocolate or another type of liquid or product has fallen, you will only have to use a little neutral liquid soap on the problem. You can use our Neutral Soapy Leather Cleaner.


Degreases and cleans respecting the finish of the leather.


In case of very persistent stains, such as those from a pen or marker, you can moisten the area with a damp cloth and then apply a cloth with a little alcohol to obtain good results.

Castor oil and polish

This trick to rejuvenate leather requires the use of castor oil. In the aged or cracked areas, apply a cloth moistened with a few drops. Afterwards, polish all the damaged part.

It is advisable to use this trick a few times a year, especially on leather that is already a few years old. So it will always look like new.

Use body moisturizer

Let's go with another interesting trick. If you want the leather not to crack over time, moisten the material with body moisturizer. By doing this process once every three months, you will have the material in perfect magazine condition. Our greasing protective cream is ideal to keep the skin as the first day.


Ideal for all skin types, including hair such as split leather and nubuck.

Distilled water and liquid soap

It's the turn of a leather and fur cleaning trick. In this case, we will add a liter of distilled water to a bucket along with a short stream of liquid hand or body soap. Make sure everything mixes well. Next, wet a soft cloth and wipe the entire area. Then rinse again, but this time with a different cloth containing only distilled water, and do it immediately, before it dries. That is, as soon as you pass the distilled water with soap, you go back to making a pass with the distilled water alone.

Egg white

It may seem strange to you, but egg white is excellent for keeping leather furniture and sofas in perfect condition. In this case, you will have to beat the aforementioned clear to the point of snow, then moisten a cloth in it and rub the entire area to be cleaned.

Lemon juice and tartaric acid

Lemon juice, mixed with tartaric acid, bought in food stores, will be very effective in cleaning leather. Once we have the resulting product, we will see that a paste is formed that, with the help of a cloth, we will apply and let it rest for a few hours. Then, it is removed with the help of a clean and damp cloth.

White vinegar with water

Especially suitable for salt stains, for example, we can make a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. It is then applied until the clean surface is visible.

Dry cloth

Sometimes, for certain stains, the solution is much simpler. For example, if you want to clean leather that has been stained with grease, you just have to use a dry cloth. Apply it to the area without any water or moisture and remove all dirt.

You can use any cloth you have around the house. 

It is important that after use it is kept clean.

Recommendations for cleaning leather

Before saying goodbye, we want to remember here some interesting recommendations for cleaning leather:

  • The drying of the piece is basic. It will never be left outdoors, it is better to wipe with a dry cloth and remove any traces of moisture.
  • Stains from spilled liquids must be removed immediately. Given the porous nature of leather, if this is not done, dirt will penetrate deeply.
  • Any use of abrasive cleaners of any kind must be avoided if we want to avoid irreparable damage.

We hope these 13 leather cleaning tricks will prove useful and end all your problems. This precious material will surely look a scandal in your homes with proper maintenance and cleaning.

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