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How to clean moldy leather with this definitive and simple trick

How to clean moldy leather with this definitive and simple trick

Mold on your leather garments?

Learn step by step how to clean it

If you have come this far, you have a mold problem with your leather goods. Do not worry because except for catastrophe, with the tricks that I indicate below you will be able to recover your leather garments and leave them as the first day.

Under the right conditions, mold can grow on both synthetic and natural surfaces. Humidity and poor ventilation are a suitable breeding ground for mold and other fungi.

Leather is a very resistant product in terms of its use, but at the same time delicate with certain types of chemicals or cleaning products, so you must take special care when treating it. A bad choice and you can ruin your leather garment.

How to remove mold from leather

step by step


Find a place outside that is ventilated so you do not breathe in mold and spores that can come off. If you can use a better mask. 


Now we are going to need a soft bristle brush. We have to rub dry with energy but without affecting the same area too much so as not to damage the skin. 


Once rubbed, it is advisable to vacuum it so that the mold spores do not disperse through the air, and change the bag or clean the vacuum tank.


Mix a little neutral soapy cleaner with warm water and stir vigorously to create a lather. This foam is the one that we are going to apply to the leather with a slightly damp cloth and rub gently. We remove any excess foam and dry with a clean and dry cloth. Then we let it dry in a ventilated place.  

soapy leather cleaner 

Degreases and cleans respecting the finish of the leather.


We mix water and denatured or isopropyl alcohol in equal amounts. Be careful, DO NOT USE normal ethyl alcohol. This possibly spoils our leather as it is a very abrasive product. Clean the entire leather item with a cloth dampened in this mixture, which will kill any fungus that may have adhered to the leather. Once we have gone through the entire surface, we must let it dry very well.


To finish, apply a neutral and colorless protective cream to the product that, in addition to restoring its natural shine, will protect it from other external elements such as the sun, cold, etc ... and you will enjoy your leather product as if it were new.

protective wax for leather

Keep your leather garments as the first day

Recommendations for storing leather 

Before saying goodbye, I wanted to give you one last interesting tip for the storage of your products or leather garments. 


Avoid storing them in humid places with little ventilation, they are the ideal breeding ground for fungi.


From time to time air out or put out leather products in the sun. The Sun is an excellent help to eliminate mold


Check them from time to time to verify that no fungus has appeared. It is easier to kill them in their first phase of expansion. Once ingrained, it is more difficult to get rid of them, or they can even permanently damage the leather.

I hope this article on how to clean fungus skin has been useful to you.  If you have any questions, I'll read you in the comments.

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