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FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)!
FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)!





Choose the right style

The RESPECT badge of El Rastro de la Piel It is available in different colors and styles so that you can choose the one that best suits your website and brand stylistically. 

Put your logo on your website

In the image you can see as a reference where we have used it on our website.

You can also use it in a similar part of the web or where it can have visibility to communicate the brand's position regarding the use of leather.


Add it easily

1.- Choose your logo with the color/style that best suits your brand or the style of your website and click on it.

 2.- A new window will open where you must select the 'Download' option.

3.- The download will start automatically to the folder where you have configured the downloads.

 Do you want the badge in the English version?



What is the meaning of the badge? El Rastro de la Piel?

This badge shows that you are using leather derived from the meat industry in your products. For your customers it will be a way of communicating that the skins you use in your creations are reused from animals that come from that industry and have not been mistreated or slaughtered for the use of their skin.

Where can I put it?

You can place it wherever you think it might be useful to communicate the above, that is, in any section of your website where it stands out, on social networks, etc. We use it in the footer of the web, that is, at the bottom, we recommend this use as well.

What should I do to place it on my website?

Just download the badge image in the color you want and place it wherever you want. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us.