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FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)
FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)

Craft Initiation Course

Learning leather craft can be exciting.


If this topic interests you and you want to know how to make fantastic leather creations, it is important that you read the following lines.

*This letter is addressed to people who want to start in leathercraft or who already have knowledge and want to consolidate them.

We have something to tell you.

There is a reason why most people who want to start or "do their first steps" do not manage to advance or enjoy their leather craft projects.

Or at least not as much as it could.

Whether you haven't even bought a skin yet.

Or that you have been making your creations for years.

If you mess with the types of skins you have to use, you don't control the process of working with the skin. In the end, you can't bring to life what you have in your head.

With this you get frustrated, you do not understand what to improve and you end up leaving it or not enjoying it.

This is a problem that we all pass

Leather craftsmanship is not easy. A minimum of learning, clarity of techniques, experimentation and inspiration are required.

We need to know exactly what types of skins exist, how to use the tools, patterns of projects like wallets, etc.

Most who want to start, do not know very well where to start...

They are forced to watch videos on the internet, trying to guess how this or that will be done.

Ultimately what happens...

almost always is that they end up frustrated and with want to leave it.

Then they wonder if the skin they have used is the right one, if they are really doing it right...

They follow people who are not in the business of teaching.

And many people tell us that sometimes they have spoiled many skins because they have not been able to take advantage of them.

Something is clear.

It is not easy to get it from 0 and by your own way.

And something that is also clear...

If you learn the ABC of the basics of leather crafts, it is very likely that you will be able to materialize what you have in mind.

It is very likely that you can even sell your own creations.

We are not saying that it will be from one day to the next, what we are saying is that if you learn and work at it minimally you will be able to enjoy this incredible art a lot.

This academy was born with a first course on initiation to leather crafts.


A trip to the ABC of the basics of leather crafts where, whether you are a professional or without knowledge, you receive training to be able to successfully make your creations in leather.

From the hand of the expert and very experienced Raquel Berea in leather crafts, you will learn about types of leather, tools and their uses so you should know to get started in this skill.

In addition, and at the end of the course, you will learn to create a small wallet bag step by step in which we include a printable template at home to follow Berea's explanations and you can create a beautiful leather wallet perfectly made with your own hands.

You will see the course module by module through recorded videos that you can watch whenever and wherever you want. There is no limit of views and you can see it from your computer or mobile, from your home, office or workshop. You just need to be connected to the internet.

In addition, you can see it whenever you want, it is for life.

Each module is accompanied by brief explanations in PDF format to expand the knowledge seen in the videos.

The course is made thinking of people who do not have a lot of time, it is recorded to the point and it is created so that you learn in the shortest time possible.

No stuffing or straw rolls.

With this course you will learn the most fundamental to start developing your own projects.

This skill will help you to enjoy your passion for leather and even get started on a professional level if you want to sell your own leather creations.

This training has a very affordable price but it is not worse for that.

The price of the course is €49. (VAT included) In our opinion, only the module of the final project of the wallet is already worth more than those €49.

When do I access the course?

Immediately to make the payment.



*Secure payment by credit card or PayPal.

Questions you may be asking yourself

Where is the course?

The course is not downloadable. You view it through the HOTMART platform on which the content is hosted.

When you make the payment, the indication to enter is sent to your email. It is very simple, it is not lost even for those who do not know how to turn on the computer.

Does the course only cost €49 without further payments of any kind?

The final price is only €49 VAT included.

You will be able to watch the training from the HOTMART platform as many times as you want and from wherever you want the course.

There are no additional payments or anything else. You pay and have access to the course for life. It's that simple.

Is there Raquel support?

No. We are preparing something so that you can count on support but it will be through an additional payment in the future. At the moment the course does not include support.

Do I have a time limit to view the course?

No. The course is for life. You can see it whenever you want. At your own pace.

How long is the course?

The course is completely to the point. It has a short duration (less than 2 hours) but not because it is short it is worse, on the contrary, it is created so that everything goes to the point and you do not waste time on boring rolls or filler talks.

Is the payment secure?

Payment is 100% secure. We work with the Hotmart platform for being internationally recognized for its security in payments, through encrypted data, and the ease of viewing training.

*Secure payment by credit card or PayPal.