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FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)
FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)

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Finance your purchases flexibly, quickly and without surprises with

With Aplazame we give you up to 2500 € instantly.

You buy what you need and pay us how you want up to 36 months.

You only need a mobile phone, a credit card and a Spanish ID


Simple and without registration

You do not need to create an account on Aplazame to finance a purchase. You just have to select Aplazame as the payment method in the store and fill in some personal information so that we can respond to you instantly.


No hidden fees

Stop worrying about the fine print. There is not. The only thing you are going to pay is what you will see during the purchase process. Not a cent more. Aplazame grants financing at 25% APR from the start and offers to reduce the cost by up to 15% APR if you provide more data.


Easy and safe

No documentation or paperwork. We will only ask you for a couple of personal data. You tell us the number of months in which you want to pay, the day you want to pay and through what method. We show you the interest and confirm the credit in seconds.


And enjoy shopping!

Your credit is approved in seconds, we process your order and you receive it at home. That simple