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FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)
FREE shipping to the peninsula from €20 of purchase (VAT not included)

In this category you can find the right leather to upholster whatever you need.

You can upholster from a whole sofa, armchairs, chairs, seats, cushions, motorcycle seats, even car steering wheels.

Put skin on your furniture and give it a touch of class. 



Leather goods

Leather highly recommended for different types of bags, wallets, backpacks, footwear, binding, upholstery, fanny packs, wallets, purses, etc., depending on their thickness and touch, they will be more suitable for some models or others.



The upholstery leather is exclusive as its name suggests for upholstery. It is premium quality leather, without damage or holes. Soft to the touch, but at the same time, resistant and durable. 

Skin for life.




Leather with a style finish as its own word defines it, 'Rustic'. Give your project a unique touch.

Valid for any type of artisan work with a 'Vintage' touch.



La cowhide leather, Also known as cowhide leather, is one of the best known varieties. It is a type of thick leather in general and is widely used in countless jobs, especially in crafts, embossing, engraving, pyrography or tinting, among others.



Calfskin is the finest and softest hide within cowhides.

It is leather of extraordinary quality and softness, perfect for jobs that require a professional finish. 

A skin for life.



Cow or goat skin with hair dyed in different shades or drawings to give exclusivity to your bags, shoes, accessories ...

Dare with something different ...